Born Together, Friends Forever

I am Krissy and this is my twin brother Jamie. We are the twin Children of Sirius Black (God Father to Harry Potter) We were fostered to high class wizarding parents at a young age and have gone to Hogwarts for 2 years. Jamie and I play Quidditch and take our studies very seriously, but we are never too busy to help a friend in need. Jamie and I have a very special gift unlike some witches and wizards. We have the gift of Empathy and Telepathy. We have had a hard and rough past but know that we are strong and brave, We will fight for our family and friends to the death and never will forget who we are are where we stand in the wizarding world.

(Part of Home-to-Hogwarts)



Krissy Black woke that morning her eyes red and swollen. She had been crying all night, Sabel had hurt her immensely. She had loved her and was pushed away like the others did to her before. She climbed out of bed and slowly dressed in a zombie like state flinging her messenger bag over her shoulder. No bright lipstick today, no makeup, just her hair hanging in her face shielding her teary eyes.

How could she have been so foolish? What was she thinking, she liked girls, plain and simple. something hugely looked down on, and something that made her feel alone. No one else did, no one else ever will. She wasn’t allowed to visit her hospitalized twin brother yet.

"Jamie… I’m so sorry." Krissy whispered under her breath upon exiting the Gryffindor Common room.

Her first class was care of magical creatures, at least she loved the magical animals and beings. It was her favorite class.


Things were getting complicated quickly… She loved Krissy, but she couldn’t shake that attraction to Salem. The only thing she could do at this point was be honest with her. 

“I love you Krissy…” She said softly, her own tears welling up. “But it’s not fair to you…”

Her face crumpled up, looking disgusted. But not with Krissy…

“I love you and I still notice that stupid boy who never noticed me till the other day…” She said with a sniffle. “Maybe Jamie’s wrong about me, maybe I’m not the monster he thinks I am, but how can HE say he knows I love you, felt what I feel for you, and still think I do when I can’t shake a stupid crush? And I’m only telling you because I wanna be honest with you always and I feel like I’m lying to you if I just shut up about it… And you have every right to want to kill him like I wanted to kill Harry… Because I did, so I growled at him, because I don’t want to share you.” 

That was a lot for the redhead to spill all at once, and by the time she was finished she was red in the face and trying to catch her breath. The repeated kisses was not helping the poor girl breath… Not that she was complaining about them.

Krissy had finally stopped kissing her and stood there just blinking at her softly. a blank look on her face, she seemed hurt and gave Sabel a look as if her heart has just imploded on itself.

"I…I understand…" Krissy thought she had found the one she wanted, she was often looked down on for her openly liking females. Something that wasn’t to common in the wizarding world for breeding issues. Krissy had never met a girl that never freaked out on her or called her a freak if she had liked them for anymore more thatn frienship. She smiled softly and stood,  trying to hide the fact that she was in tears once again. Without giving Sabel a chance to speak she softly said.

"If this boy sees you for who you really are, you deserve him, and he will treat you with the up most respect or my rage on him will be worse than a wolf." Krissy chuckled softly but you could hear pain in her voice and exited the great hall, leaving Sabel all alone to her thoughts.


“I needed to find you…” She offered lamely when Krissy asked what she was doing out. After she was done speaking she just listened quietly to Krissy… She had every right to be angry, and her head hung in shame as she listened to Krissy explain she didn’t know how Jamie was. “It wasn’t life threatening… He’ll just wind up with a scar…”

Because that made it so much better that Sabel had slashed his face open, right? Her head hung a bit lower, until she felt Krissy mere inches away from her, only then did she raise her head. Her brow furrowed when Krissy said she loved her, and an almost pained expression crossed her face, even as her lips met hers. She let the kiss go on for a few moments before gently pulling away. 

“But I saw you kissing Harry…” She said weakly. “Why would you… Jamie’s right about what I am and…”

She just trailed off then, not understanding how Krissy could still feel anything after what she’d done to her brother. 

Krissy looked at Sabel hurting in some ways. “She turned from her, what happened to my brother was a horrid thing, but he brought it upon himself. He is not right about what you are. He never even got to try to learn about the good person inside your heart,” Krissy ran her hand down the side of her face. He scarred face. Krissy smiled sweetly. “As for Harry, he meant nothing to me, means NOTHING to me. All I saw when I kissed him was you, I could only taste your lips. It was painful. I hated myself but thought you hated me. I just wanted to sooth my broken heart.” Krissy’s smiled faded quickly as she dropped her head.

She looked back up at Sabel her hair hiding her face revealing only one eye as one tear slid from her face that shimmered in the moonlight seeping in through the windows. Krissy then got closer to her  and put her lips on Sabel’s once more and kissed her more passionately that she had ever kissed anyone before.

Breathlessly she pulled back enough to look in her eyes and say “The only one I want is you… Sabel”


Sabel had heard Krissy leave, and despite her orders not to leave the common room, followed her out. She stayed well behind, able to hear her from well away from her. Pangs of guilt were settling in… She’d hurt Krissy’s brother without a thought, and it was haunting her now. 

“He might tell you to stay away from me…” She said softly from the doorway, cringing at the way the other girl jumped. “You have every right to hate me now… I’d be lying if I said I don’t care if you do… But you have every right too…” 

She slowly moved away from the doorway, sitting as far from Krissy as possible, as she didn’t seem to keen on her company at the moment.

“I’m sorry I hurt your brother…” She continued, still speaking softly. “What he did to me doesn’t excuse what I did… But I heard him threaten to kill me… I heard the way he made you scream… Something in me snapped. He has no idea how I got like this, and thinks I deserve to die… And honestly I sometimes wish I had died in that cage…” 

She rolled up her sleeves. The scars there were silver burns, for the most part, though there were claw and bite marks as well.

“I’ll leave you alone if you want me to, but I won’t stay away just because your bully of a brother is determined to hate me when he doesn’t even know me…” She let her head rest on her arms, pulling her knees close. “I was turned trying to save my brother… If your brother really knew what I’d felt, he’d know I hate what I am more than anyone… More than he could ever hate me…”

Sometimes she wished for a cure… Sometimes she prayed for it. Tonight she’d embraced what she was in the wrong way, and felt sick for it now. 

Krissy heard a soft voice come from the doorway of the great hall. It was faint and painful sounding. She turned to see a glistening violet eye shining at her crytal lined with shimmering droplets of liquid.

"What are you doing here Sabel. It’s not good for you to be out." Krissy paused as Sabel interrupted her with apologies and explanations. Krissy’s eyes glistening with tears wanted nothing more than to slap Sabel across her face. But then it would make her a hypocrite, she would just stoop to the level of her brother and the rest of the students. She of all people knew how it felt to be an outcast in your surroundings, with no one to lean on. She still cared for Sabel no matter what she did, Krissy saw the pain in her eyes. She knew what she had done but all she wanted was a friend. Just someone who would never hate her and run away. Krissy wanted to be that person and keep the fact hidden that she wanted to be more.

"What you did Sabel, was horrid, I still do not know the condition of my brother." Krissy failed to leave out the fact that she herself could feel the blow with her empathic ablilities, she didn’t want to stress Sabel out more. "But… What Jamie did was not anything heroic either. I am alright all he wanted was the truth and to protect the only real family he had left." Krissy wiped her tears and stood looking in the direction of her friend.She walked over to her kneeling her face inches from hers. Krissy moved the crimson locks from her blinded eye and said softly.

"I may not approve of both your actions, but I know this I love you both. My brother and of course… you. I know that more than ever now. Krissy leaned in as if she wanted something as the night of the transformation, that intimate moment they shared, but hung her head sniffling right before her lips touched Sabel’s once more..


As she was lead away, she noticed the blood on her hands, all over her hand in fact. When she’d slashed his face it had spattered her uniform, and she noted the horrified looks she got from passing students. It was beyond her to care right now. She was lead to Dumbledor’s office, where she was sat down before Lupin and Dumbledor. Before the head master could speak, Lupin, who had been her mentor and care taker since she was found, spoke up.

“How could you do that to the boy Sabel!?” He all but roared. “You’ve scarred him for life! They’ll never fix his face completely! I taught you better than that! You may as well have bitten him, and passed on the curse! I thought you had more control than this!”

Sabel stared at him, her gaze cold.

“If I had as little control as you accuse me of I would have killed him.” She said calmly. “He came looking for me with the intent to kill me, I heard him before I even reached the dorms… All because I love his sister. I love a girl, and I’m a were wolf so I deserve to DIE!? I suppose telling you I’m hopeless over a boy as well will just justify him putting a silver bullet through my heart then!” 

The two men exchanged a look, and a vial was pushed toward her. 

“Take this.” Dumbledore said simply. His command was punctuated with broken glass.

“I’ve told you from the beginning I won’t.” She growled. “And if you force me to comply, I’ll leave this school. I agreed to come here only if I was allowed to be free to make my own decisions regarding the curse!”

“And you would have been if you hadn’t just attacked another student!” Lupin snapped. “You will take the potion until I deem you in control of yourself, and you will serve detention, until I deem you in control!”

“No… If you’re that worried, stick around. Make sure I only change on the full moon, but I WILL NOT take your damned potion!”

The arguing went on for some time, until they reached a decision Sabel couldn’t fight. Sabel would attend regular ‘counseling’ sessions with Reamus Lupin, until he decided she was truely in control of herself, and another such incident would result in expulsion from the school. 

She was escorted back to the Gryffindor common room, with strict orders not to leave until morning. Once there, she slunk into a darkened corner, ignoring the stares of her peers. She’d washed her hands, and changed her clothes… But some how word had reached every corner of the school, and the rumors of her lupine nature ran more rampant than ever.

Krissy had no sleep that night whatsoever, her restless sleep was filled with nightmares and awakening each time to a cold sweat and tears. Krissy looked over at her alarm clock and then to her sleeping roommates. She sat up in bed and cradled her knees close to her chest. She knew exactly what happened. But refused to believe it with all she had left. Sabel… hurt Jamie. She felt it deep inside her felt the pain that Jamie felt, the piercing agony that covered her face.

"It can’t be true, It just…can’t" A small tear drizzled down Krissy’s cheek, she stood and and uncovered her body from her blanket. Resting her legs on the side of the bed she slipped on her slippers and grabbed her robe. She needed a cup of Honeydukes hot chocolate. Her foster mother would always give it to her when she was sad or had a skinned knee as a child. It always made her feel better. Sneaking in the great hall, she sat with a blank expression to her face. Holding her Hot chocolate lightly between her palms.

'I should hate Sabel, I should hate her for almost killing my brother. I need to despise her. Yes, he was cruel to her, but he never deserved that.'

Krissy gripped her cup tighter as she gritted her teeth hating herself more than anything, for she knew she still loved Sabel no matter what. They both didn’t need to pick at each other the way that Jamie and Sabel did. She was angry for not stopping this outcome, for not…just doing something.

"Father? What would you do…? I’m so lost." Krissy whispered as she hung her head wishing, she just had some answers from her deceased parental figure Sirius black.


Every word Jamie said only enraged her more, until he was talking about her hurting Krissy. The calls of the teachers fell on deaf ears, and with an enraged growl, Sabel reared back, and swung… Her claws ripped into the side of his face, tearing into it, blood spilling over the floor. He was lucky. He wouldn’t be left scarred. Teachers were on the way, and they could fix his face. 

“Now your face is as hideous as mine…” She growled. “Maybe feeling my pain will help you understand. You can read my thoughts you wretch!? Did you ever read far enough to see how it happened!?”

Tears welled up, and fell on his torn face, teachers quickly approaching, but not pulling her off yet. It wasn’t wise to try just yet.

“I LEARNED to control myself or YOU would be dead right now! I learned, so my brother didn’t die for NOTHING! I learned so I wouldn’t KILL IDIOTS LIKE YOU!” Then, and only then did she allow herself to be pulled off him, wands still pointed at her. Her skin was rippling, bones cracking… And just like that, it stopped. “I learned so I wouldn’t hurt someone I love. So fuck you, and fuck Harry!”

Sabel…” It was Lupin’s voice behind her, and her shoulders hunched.

“Coming.” She stated simply turning on her heel. She’d be punished for what she did, but first, they needed to know she was under control, and once more only an infected being could be trusted with this task. 

Jamie let out a huge and piercing scream that echoed through the halls, students froze in horror in their beds and paused everything they were doing as time seemed to stop itself. Krissy, had immediately screamed and shook from fear and pain upon hearing her and feeling her brothers agonizing cry.

"N…No…" After the hurtful words escaped her lips she collapsed to the Gryffindor floor from shock and terror as being psychically connected with her brother, Jamie. 

 He heard teachers surround him and the monster. The monster that cursed him to be just like her. Blood covered the floor as Jamie kept groaning and shouting in pain, hearing the piercing words from Sabel’s hate stain his ears and mind, over and over.

“Now your face is as hideous as mine…”

Jamie had never hated her more, wanted to see her dead on a cold damp floor. No, that was even too good for the likes of her. Tears of hate and rage fell down his face, stinging as they touched the gashes across his face.

"YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! I’LL KILL YOU!!!!! I’LL KILL YOU!!!!!"

Professor Snape was already at his side carrying him to the hospital wing, Professor Dumbledore and Professor Lupin taking Sabel away. No act of violence like this would go unpunished. But as Madam Pomfrey dabbed a stinging potion to his wound as he lay in the hospital bed, screaming with each dab to clean his now wrecked face. He only could see Sabel as the life was ripped from her body, when a green familiar light flashed from his wand.


Sabel was lead not to the common room, but to the hospital wing where she was met with teachers and potions that were all shoved away. 

“I don’t want them…” She insisted again and again. “I can control myself…”

They kept trying to convince her to take the potion that would prevent her transformations, but it had never been in her to suppress that  part of her as entirely as they wanted to. Soon she was able to leave. Jamie wouldn’t have to go far to find Sabel… She could hear Krissy screaming long before she reached the dorms, and caught Jamie’s scent. Breaking into a run, Jamie would never see her coming. A blur of a girl slammed into him with a snarl, knocking him to the floor, batting away his wand. 

“Move and I’ll break his neck! I don’t need a wand to hurt you…” Snarled at his companions as a hand closed around his neck, the red head crouched over him. “What did you do to her!?”

Clearly she meant Krissy. Her eye had turned completely yellow, and her teeth were bared in an all too animalistic way, far too long and sharp to be human. A low growl continued to rumble in her throat as she stared down at him, keeping his companions in her peripheral vision.

“I know you were looking for me… Now that you have, what are you gonna do?” Snarled in his face. “Let me guess, you thought you’d sneak up on me and hex me? Didn’t think I’d hear her screaming? Pathetic!” 

Jamie gasped under her fatal grip, Sabels claws extending digging into his flesh. Before Jamie and Sabel knew it they were the only two in the darkened hallway. He looked up into her now golden eye as it seemed to burn into and right through his soul. Jamie’s glared deepened as he spoke in a raspy but piercing tone as his throat was being crushed.

"I… Should ask you the same question Wolf…."

Jamie could hear Krissy screaming still as his breath weakened, but still held his consciousness. He attemped to remove her hands that held his life in the palm of sabels hands, but his struggles at air seemed worthless. 

"I.. should ask you what you did to my sister… she had never been in more danger since you….came to this school… Death eaters are…Nothing compared to the lifeless vermin you are. You almost killed….her… the girl you love…"

Jamie paused for a moment to try for more air. Teachers were already scowering the castle trying to locate the fleeing wolf; knowing at her quick disappearance that the school was no longer safe until Sabel learned to control her animal inside.

"Yes, I can read every thought, and know everything you feel for my sister….. Do you actually feel that she would EVER love a beast like you….? She… she has Harry now… or did that not occur to you by now…? Krissy should not have to fear for her life every…full…moon…or wonder if her face will be as hideous as yours every time you get upset or angry." Jamie’s words spat vemon that rang in the wolves ears. Sabel could hear the shouts of the faculty growing near. Something they both couldn’t ignore.


“I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care!” Sabel was trying desperately to convince herself of this as she walked. She sounded a bit insane at the time, but it didn’t stop her from walking, she just kept walking, straight out of the castle and toward the forbidden forest, unaware of the teachers looking for her. 

Lupin, had been called… Only another were could be trusted around an adolescent, unstable were at this point, and with good reason. As soon as his hand landed on her shoulder, she shoved him away with such force a human might have been killed. He, however was a touch more resilient, not even stumbling as she lashed out at him.This went on for some tie Sabel lashing out at him. Rather than immediately asserting any kind of dominance, she was allowed to get it out of her system. 

“GO AWAY!” she finally screamed at him. “All of you just leave me alone! I don’t want to be here! I never wanted to be here! You dragged me here to prove you were different and you were wrong! No one is different here!”

At this point it was clear she wasn’t mad at him, she wasn’t even mad at Krissy. She was hurt by what she did, but she was angry at Harry for taking her from her. It was irrational, but Harry was easiest to be mad at. At the end of her screaming, she found a kind arm around her leading her back to the castle. Relationships were not part of the curriculum, but distraught students were hardly alone. 

“I don’t want to go back.” She muttered. “She wants Harry, and I’m a hypocrite…”

She couldn’t shake that hypocritical feeling every time she found herself jealous if someone showed interest in Krissy, or stared at the boy she’d had a crush on since arriving. 

Krissy had been lead back to the Gryffindor common room, her flushed cheeks stained with tears from her bloodshot eyes. Upon arriving in the common room she sat on the couch curling up in a ball surrounded by Hermione and Ginny.

"Krissy they’ll find her, yes?" Hermione was more compassionate about Sabel tonight than usual. After seeing the library doors she knew that Sabel was no ordinary outcast witch and so did the rest of the school by the next morning. Krissy put her head on her knees still crying. The tears were soft and silent but still kept rolling down her face.

"I never wanted this…to…to.. happen. None of it. I just wanted to see her happy. She was so lonely. So sad…so…"

"So bloody Disgusting…" Krissy heard Jamie’s voice boom in the common room. "What the hell did she do to you Kristina!" Jamie walked over and grabbed his sisters wrist pulling her off the couch. His eyes a blazing crimson from rage. Krissy being so worried and sad forgot to block her thoughts, he saw all of her memories, read all of her thoughts. The night of the transformation and the library incident. Jamie had never been this enraged, throwing his sister to the ground he pulled out his want and with a snake like tone colder than ice mutter, "I’ll fucking kill that wench."

Jamie looked at Ginny and Hermione and yelled “SHE DOES NOT LEAVE THIS ROOM!” Jamie with then Dean and Shamus wand in hand left the common room. Krissy screaming after them. That night something triggered in Jamie, a dark kind of rage that could only be seen in a certain dark wizard.



Jamie and Krissy Black started walking from their Defense Against the Dark Arts class to the Gryffindor common room for their free hour right before lunch. They seemed a little tense with each other, and didn’t speak once till they ended up at the Gryffindor Common Room Portrait. With a snoody yet…

Kira looked at Krissy and extended her hand to her.

“Hi I’m Kirana, but everyone calls me Kira, Ginny’s told me so much about this school; I’ve always attended muggle school were i lived. And I got to tell you, I love it here. I’m kinda shy so I would love to make some new friends here and have some fun,” Kira giggled. 

Kira looked down at her sketch book and look back up at Krissy. She didn’t know what else to say, so out of the blue she said. 

“Hey do you love music, because at my old school I was going to start a band. And if we get to know each other very well, we could start one of our own.”

Kira was so nervous meeting Krissy; meeting new people for Kira was hard because every time she meet someone new they would disappear and she never see them again. All of a sudden she shed a tear, not a big one just a little one. She wiped her tears away and looked back at Ginny and Krissy.

“Sorry guys I’m just nervous around new people, but I’m fine don’t worry,” Kira explained. 

“So do you guys want to show me around the school and tell me which students are cool and which ones to stay away from,” Kira asked as she put away her books. 

Krissy looked at the disturbed yet sad looking girl after her ramblings. She just chuckled, and sat up looking at the nervous witch.

"You will make friends here don’t worry and don’t be so up tight dear." 

Krissy noticed a lot of new students this year and this one seemed to be fairly decent, besides Eve, and Gabriel for the most part. Her stomach twinged when she thought about them. They were definitely people Kira needed to stay away from. Krissy moved her hair behind one ear and invited Kira to sit on her bed.

"Yes, I love music but unfortunately have no real time for it. My brother and I take most of our free time training for quidditch. Also just stay away from these 3 Slytherins, Eve, Gabriel and Draco. Other than them I am sure you are bound to do fine. You already made friends with our lovely Ginny over here. Ginny just sat back and beamed giving her skin a pink glow to it.

Krissy put her hand on Kira’s shoulder. “Would you like to join us in the great hall for dinner later?” She just hoped after what happened with Sabel she wouldn’t ruin yet another friendship.


Sabel had mustered the will to get off the floor and stop feeling sorry for herself. So what if Krissy was flirting with Harry… Sabel was interested in some boy she was fairly sure would never give her the time of day anyway… She needed to find her friend.

What she found in the library however was not what she expected at all. Her eyes landed on the pair, entangled and kissing, and her shoulders hunched in a way that resembled a wolf ready to pounce on it’s prey, as a snarl slipped past her lips. Her hair had fallen away from the scarred side of her face, and her violet eye flashed yellow for a moment.

The no doubt startled pair would see Sabel, looking furious, and a bit animalistic at the time. As her eyes landed on Krissy, the anger faded just enough to see the hurt, and a blush was forming on her face as she tried to speak.

“I was trying to find you… I wanted to… Oh never mind!” She said quickly turning away. “You have Harry now, what does it matter.”

Students were staring, wondering if the rumors of her heritage were true after hearing her growl like that. Most of them would go on to blame it on her scars. If the rumors were true, and she wasn’t bitten but only injured by the wolf,she might have developed wolfish characteristics… It had happened before.

Reaching the doors of the library, they were given a shove, nearly taking them off the hinges. She stopped long enough to stare at the splinters in horror before walking out into the hall. 

“I hate him. I hate that stupid wonderboy.” She muttered, trying to deny to herself that it was jealousy she was feeling. She liked SALEM. Salem! Salem! Salem! So what if he’d never ever notice her so it didn’t matter!? She shouldn’t be in a jealous fit because someone kissed Krissy… Someone who wasn’t her…

Hearing a low gutteral growl from behind her Krissy Immediately wide eyed stopped kissing harry. What she saw did not make the situations of her feelings any better. Turning to see a hurt red head that she had learned to fall in love with. Sabel’s body was trembling in rage, disgust and sadness. She could tell by the look in her eyes.

Hearing Sabels agonized tone when she spoke just made it worse on Krissy piercing her through the heart. She stood immediately, but only in time to see a flash of red disappear with a trail of wandering eyes that slowly seemed to direct themselves in her direction. Krissy couldn’t even look at Harry, tears welled up in her eyes as she clenched her fists 'Im not losing her again, she is my friend whether she feels the same as I do or not!'  

"FUCK IT!"The blue locked witch screamed. Harry only sat there in a daze processing what had happened and what he missed.

Krissy bolted after Sabel no where near as fast as the lone red wolf only seeing two doors ripped of hinges upon approaching the library entrance. Krissy could only look down in shock, as she dropped to floor sobbing. All of a sudden three professors wound up to the location in a flash.

Krissy felt a soft hand placed on her shoulder as a soft elderly voice spoke in a comforting tone. “We’ll find her.” Krissy looked up to see professor Dumbledore smiling sweetly his eyes full of understanding behind crescent specs.