Born Together, Friends Forever

I am Krissy and this is my twin brother Jamie. We are the twin Children of Sirius Black (God Father to Harry Potter) We were fostered to high class wizarding parents at a young age and have gone to Hogwarts for 2 years. Jamie and I play Quidditch and take our studies very seriously, but we are never too busy to help a friend in need. Jamie and I have a very special gift unlike some witches and wizards. We have the gift of Empathy and Telepathy. We have had a hard and rough past but know that we are strong and brave, We will fight for our family and friends to the death and never will forget who we are are where we stand in the wizarding world.

(Part of Home-to-Hogwarts)



Krissy Black stormed out of the Gryffindor common room. She had just about enough of her brother be-raiding her about Sabel Wulfric. She threw her hands in the air yelling through the fat lady as she went!

"I was with Harry Potter all day James!!! You are such an incompetent child!" 

Krissy walked away in a huff, she was so aggravated with this whole Sabel “non-sense”. Even when she is NOT with her, she is suspected of doing so. This was getting old. Krissy KNEW that Sabel was NOT a threat. But her brother was just making it such a hell on proving it to others. She kept walking not knowing where, it seemed like she walked for hours which were only minutes. Her thoughts that deep. She had found herself out side and took a seat about 300 yards from Hagrid’s cozy little hut. She brought her knees up to her chest and shiny small tear fell from her eye. 

"It’s not fair."